The PiE1 Area 1999 for the Pion Beta Experiment

Here are some pictures from the PiE1 area in 1999:

This picture shows the whole PiE1 area with the Pion Beta detector from above:

Area from above

Sideview of the beamline elements between wall and the quadrupole triplet:

First part of the beamline

The first (left) tube has a length of 450 mm, the second (attached to the triplet) is 195 mm long.

Lead collimator and beamcounter:

Beamcounter and Collimator

Small space between triplet and Lead House - this space is foreseen for CV frontwall:

Space between triplet and Leadhouse

Left space between CV top PMs and 'balcony':

Space between CV top and wall

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H.P. Wirtz , 04-Aug-1999

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