Delay cable specifications

The delay cable used in the Pion Beta Detector was delivered by our Russian collaborators (S. Korenchenko et al). It's type is PK-50-2-16 and was produced in a factory in Siberia. It was cut to 75m (385ns delay) and bunched in groups of sixteen. The physical properties were measured at PSI and at UVa. The results compared with standard RG-58 cable are the following:

Outer diameter3.5 mm 5 mm
Impedance50 Ohm50 Ohm
Signal* propagation speed19.8 cm/ns 19.6 cm/ns
Signal* rise time after 350ns delay8.3 ns 8.2 ns
Signal* peak attenuation after 350ns delay 0.5350.575
Attenuation at 50 MHz4.18 dB/100ft 3.54 dB/100ft
Attenuation at 100 MHz7.55 db/100ft 5.53 dB/100ft

* Measured with a standard CsI pulse of 6ns rise time and ~30ns decay time

S. Ritt, 02. July 96