Some results of the proportional chambers tests obtained during November 1995 in pictures.

A sketch of the chambers test stand.

A beam profile of a Sr-90 source obtained from the anode surface of the CMPC-1.

The examples of the events recorded in November 1995.

At the bottom of the pictures the charges distributions on the inner ( 1i - 4i ) and outer ( 1o - 4o ) cathode strip surfaces of the CMPC-1 are shown.

The green dashes near the hitted wires shows the (x,y)-coordinates reconstructed from the cathodes data.

Z1 and Z2 are the Z coordinates of the two hits in the CMPC-1.

A typical event from Sr-90 source ( the track is not straight ).

A one-track event from a cosmic particle.

A multi-track event from cosmics.

N.Khomutov, 9 Dec 1995