Drawings of the Detector

In this section we have all drawings related to the Pion Beta Decay Experiment which are available in computer readable form. Most of them are posted in different formats, where following abbreviations are used:

If dimensions are given the unit is millimeter (1 inch = 25.4 mm).
The cosmic veto house

It consists of a frame, a layer of lead bricks, an outer "skin" of cosmic veto detectors (drawn in the following picture), a rail system and a support platform. The views are (from top left): Side view (beam comes from left), front view (looking downstream) and top (beam comes from left):

DXF, DS4, PS color, PS mono

A pencil drawing (our first concept) of the cosmic veto scintillator plates is available here:

PS mono

Be aware that the undelying GIF file is rather large. So when you click on the picture, make sure that you have enough memory on your computer and be patient!

The plastic veto

The plastic veto consists of 20 staves surrounding our inner cylindrical wire chambers. A concept (again pencil drawing) is show here. One can see the carbon fiber cylinder at the inner side, light guides connecting the staves to PMs and various support rings.

PS mono

A detail drawing of the light guides comes here:

PS mono

Cross section drawings of the detector

This cross section of the mechanical structure supporting the CsI calorimeter was obtained from a 3D drawing by cutting the structure by a vertical plane along the beam axis and projecting the remaining half sphere to this plane. It shows the CsI crystals (yellow), the sphere and frame which holds the cystals (grey) and the green "endcaps" where the beam enters the detector (left side) and the target is inserted (right side). The full 3D view of the structure can be seen in the introduction.

DXF, DS4, PS color,

A functional cross section showing only the active parts of the PIBETA calorimeter and central tracking detectors is shown below (in GIF format):

or, here: in PostScript, or in pdf format.

Some technical drawings of the detector, cut away:
Line drawing 1:

or, here: in PostScript.

Color drawing 1:

or, here: in PostScript.

Line drawing 2:

or, here: in PostScript.

Color drawing 2:

or, here: in PostScript.

S. Ritt, 16 Jun 1995