Offline Analysis

There are 13 users, pb01 to pb13, which are supposed to run analyzers on the corresponding nodes. The password for all 13 users are same as pibeta user. For each user, in his home directory, there are three subdirectories named analyzer99, analyzer00, analyzer01 respectively. In each analyzernn directory, there is one(node 1,2,3,4,5,6,7) or two(other nodes) symbolic link(s) pointing to the corresponding analyzer in pibeta directory.
Another script file named "replaynn_yy" exists in the same dirctory. nn denotes the node, yy-- the data from year yy.

this is a rundown of a replay script.

To analyzer data, go to the corresponding directory--analyzer99,analyzer00 and analyzer01--type "replaynn_yy".