The most rescent working version of offline analyzers is on dirac. Login as pibeta if you want to add your new modifications to the analyzer. There are three analyzers right under directory /home/pibeta, namely, analyzer99 which is for analyzing data from year 1999, analyzer00_1 for data from year 2000 which have 16 channels of DSC, and analyzer00_2 for data from year 2000 and 2001 which contain full DSC.

These analyzers are based on Emil's analyzers. Others just ADD their own codes if needed. If one has to MODIFY the existing code, make sure he understand the consequences. the Makefile in each directory has been updated to accomodate some changes.

After modifying the analyzer, please document here what you have done and what for, as well as the impact on other codes. The time one did it and the name who did it are also helpful.***


August 22, 2002

*** What I(WL) did is to put all my codes into .h files and include them in the proper places. Makefile has to been modified accordingly.