Backup of PC2106 to PSI archive

In regular intervals, at least after a beam time, a backup of pc2106 to the PSI archive should be made. This can be done via ftp psarchive 1021 or better using ncftp psarchive on pc2106 (where username etc. is saved in a bookmark file). Otherwise username is pibeta, usual password. The root directory is /mnt/pibeta/pibetaxx where xx is the current year. If not present, this directory has to be created.

Following directories should be copied in binary mode:

on pc2106on psarchive
/data/*.mid data/ (by lazylogger)
online/analyzer/*.c,*h analyzer/
including subdirectories
where xx is the year
/data/*.hst history/
/data/*.rz histos/
/data/midas.log,runlog.txt,dsc.log logfiles/
/data/*.odb odb/

If a partial backup is done already, like history files 0003??.hst to 0005??.hst, only the remaining files like 0006??.hst etc. have to be copied.

S. Ritt, June 30th, 2000.