PIBETA: Shift Check Attachment Schedule

For the reference of PIBETA shift takers I have reproduced below my E-log entry of Friday, 13 July 2001:

 It would be useful to add attachments to our shift summaries once 
 a day, similar to the ``rates'' and ``ratios'' attachments to our 
 detector checks.  The default history plots cover the most recent 
 24 hours interval.

 Since we can only have three attachments at one time, I suggest the
 following schedule for the time being:

   PSI time       Attachments              On shift

    9:00          \HS\Scaler Ratios.gif      PSI
                  \HS\Trigger rates.gif

   15:00          \HS\DAQ.gif                UVa

   21:00          \HS\PiBeta.gif             PSI

 Note1:  The above syntax, including capitalization and spaces, has to
         be reproduced exactly when you type in the attachment names.

 Note2:  If you need to redefine the range of a history plot (say, there's
         a spurious spike in Scaler Ratios at -23 h), you can do so as seen 

                 \HS\Scaler Ratios.gif?scale=22h

 In this way, the E-log will contain a readily accessible record of 
 the history of the important variables, without the need to replay 
 history files.