This special rubber tape is self-vulcanizing, that means it glues to itself without any glue layer. This is a big advantage compared with normal tape which becomes very greasy after several years.


  1. Cut to needed length (~6 cm for a bunch of 16 delay cables)
  2. Remove thin protection foil
  3. Stretch to 2/3 of original width
  4. Wind it around calbes

CompanyItemCode Price (CHF)
Cellpack AG
Zentralstr. 17
CH-5610 Wohlen
Tel.: 056/618 18 18
Reparaturband No. 72
0.7mm x 25mm x 10m
Hobbytronic AG
Emmentalstrasse 49
CH-3414 Oberburg
Tel.: 034/29 66 66
Selbstverschweissendes Isolierband
0.5mm x 19mm x 10m
Nr. 52 61 69-7714.95

S. Ritt, 3 July 1996