From: Dinko Pocanic
Date: 26 Jul 1999

These are the steps one follows in order to change the program in any of the programmable trigger logic units used in the experiment:

  1. Go to the Windows NT machine (PC 1529) and click on the following buttons:
    "Start"; select "Programs", then "Lattice", then "System"
  2. Open the project you need to edit (divider, trigger, ... etc)
  3. Once in the graphical mode, "Zoom in" on the detail you want. For ease of editing click on "View", and select "Toolbar".
  4. Once you're done editing the circuit, save the file and exit.
  5. Click on Chip: "Update all schematic files", and then "JEDEC file" (this compiles the new circuit)
    Ignore "warnings"; heed "errors" and correct them.
  6. Go to the electronics rack, to PC 812 (the Trigger Frontend PC) Make sure the Trigger Frontend program is running.
  7. Click on the icon "Download trigger", or "Download divider", or whichever other may apply.
    If the LB 500 you need to program has moved from its previous CAMAC crate and/or slot, open any DOS editor (edit, notepad, etc.) and modify the file dl1.bat (pb trigger), dl2.bat (divider) or dl3.bat (trigger mix -- formerly LRS 2365_0). In this file there is a line like this:
    	ipscode -c 2 -s 9 -n dl2.isp
    where -c and -s specify the crate and slot, respectively. Change their designations as appropriate.
  8. Once you've clicked on the "Download ..." button, there will be messages inside the trigger FE window. These will contain two separate instances of:

    If either one is a !FAIL!, you have to correct the problem before going on.
  9. Each PLD (programmable logic device) chip is good for ~ 10,000 downloads. Then it dies, and we throw away the LB 500 unit.