LB 500 programming for trigger mix

This LB 500 replaces one of the LRS2365 used to generate a mix of different triggers out of gates and other signals. It has double width (32 inputs, 16 outputs, two copies) and more flexibility.

Here is the schematic:

It produces following triggers:

Pi-Beta Hi 1
Pi-Beta Lo 2
Pi-e-nu Hi 4
Pi-e-nu Lo 8
Prompt 16
Cosmic Wed. 32
Pi-beam 64
Cosmic 128
e+-beam 256
Random 512
Three arm 1024
High-Low 2048

To turn all triggers on, a value of 4095 is written to the LRS2364[0]. In normal production mode, we use all triggers except Cosmic Wed. which corresponds to 4063.

S. Ritt, March 22nd, 2000