Pibeta trigger electronics '99

In '99, the pi-beta back-to-back logic has been replaced by a PSI LB500A module featuring a Lattic ispLSI 2128E-LT165 chip. This field programmable gate array (FPGA) contains about 6000 gates, which can combined in any way through CAMAC programming. This unit replaces 6 modules from the '98 trigger (mainly 4518 fan-outs and 4516 logic units).

Here is the current proposal for the '99 trigger:

And the preliminary schematics inside the FPGA:
(The contents of the "BACKBACK" box is shown in the lower half)

A couple of minor changes have been made: In a further step, the two LRS2365 can be replaced by a second FPGA module once the logic inside these units is too limit to produce all our desired triggers.

S. Ritt, March 18th, 1999