Befor we install the new target in our detector on July 18, 2001, we set up to test the new target in studio B.

Results from Cs-137 Source

At 900 of HVs, we now have the following results for the Cs-137 662 keV endpoint voltages:

TGT Module 662 keV endpoint
T0 200 mV
T1 200 mV
T2 215 mV
T3 225 mV
T4 190 mV
T5 205 mV
T6 132 mV
T7 190 mV
T8 205 mV

Cosmic Results

We also tested the responses to cosmics of target 0, 1, 3, and 5. the trigger used to test target 0 is:


the trigger for target 1 is:


The trigger for target 5 is :


The results are displayed in the attached ps file. The tgt 0 was labeled as v0, tgt 1 was labeled as v1, tgt3 was labeled as v3, tgt 5 vwas labeled as v.

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