Delay Cable Attenuation

A test of the properties of the cable RU 87 has been performed, with two cables of a total length of 90m, which corresponds to a delay of 450ns. The attenuation of the cable to a square wave input signal is shown in Fig. 1. The fraction of the output amplitude A1 to input amplitude A0 as a function of the frequency of the input square wave is plotted.

For frequencies around 50MHz, the attenuation is about 2.

Fig. 2 shows the comparison of a CsI signal before (black) and after the delay of 450 ns (green). The risetime of the CsI pulse is rised from 5 to 8ns and the falltime from 50 to 90 ns. The attenuation is 1.9

Ch. Broennimann, 19 May 1995